Suntech/Sunways Power Combo Program

We are excited to announce the launch of the Suntech/Sunways Power Combo Program which rewards customers that install Suntech 415W panels with Sunways inverters.

Solar installers that participate in the Power Combo Program will enjoy exclusive benefits which will give them a unique point of difference when engaging with customers so that they can stand out from the competition, escape the price battle and ultimately make more margin!

If you are a homeowner looking to install a quality solar system with the best warranty in the industry with 6 months of free monitoring and monthly reports for peace of mind, then this is the system for you.

A customer that installs Suntech 415W panels with Sunways Inverters will receive the below exclusive benefits:

  • Free Suntech 415W Panel Product Warranty Upgrade to 25 Years
  • Free Remote Monitoring for 6 Months

o    Our engineers will monitor each installed system daily for peace of mind
o    If there are any system issues, grid voltage instability or wifi disconnection, we will send an alert message or give the customer a call
o    We will provide a system fault diagnosis
o    We will provide the customer with a monthly energy production report.

  • Three Phase Inverter Upgrades

o    3ph 8/10/12kW will get an upgrade to 15kW
o    3ph 15kW will get an upgrade to 17kW

  • Single Point of Contact for Pre/Post Sales Support

o    Suntech Australia will be offering local technical & warranty support for both Suntech and Sunways products. Simple & effective support

Please note that the Power Combo Program will run from 12th September 2022 until 12th December 2022 and only applies to the Suntech STP415S-C54/Umhm 415W panel in combination with any Sunways inverter. For customers installing 370W Suntech panels with Sunways inverters, we can offer all other benefits minus the 25 years panel warranty upgrade. (Free 6 months monitoring & inverter upgrades).

Inverter Size Upgrades

For residential installs, to avoid 600V limitation issues when planning to install 8/10/12kW inverters, order the 15kW which has been discounted and has an additional input (3). If planning to install a 15kW inverter, order the 17kW inverter which has been discounted and has an additional input (4).

For commercial installs, the above voltage limitation issues do not apply, but you can also take advantage of the upgrades. Just make sure to request the upgraded size when ordering.

We will also have a Suntech/Sunways stand at All Energy in Melbourne this October and we will be heavily promoting the Power Combo Program, so now is a good time to start promoting this to your customers.

For further information, please contact our Commercial Sales Manager Will Hall on 0488 092 610 or

Please download the T&Cs to find out details on how to activate the extended warranty and remote monitoring.